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A Better Married Life with 99 Tips

A Better Married LifeBeing married might be excellent. It’s such a special feeling to share your life with the person you are in love with. But marriage, at the same time, can be tiring, boring and draining at times. It’s totally a chequered career.


In order to keep your marriage fresh and full of happiness, there are millions of tips. We chose 99 of them and shared briefly.


In order to maintain your happy and peaceful relationship, please try to perform these little clues instead of just reading. Who knows, maybe some of these clues will help you solve some little problems with your spouse.




A Better Married Life with 99 Tips

  1. Talk to each other.
  2. Try something new together.
  3. Share your dreams.
  4. Never compare your spouse with your old flames. Everybody has different features and each relationship creates a different synergy.
  5. Listen.
  6. Trust.
  7. Be open hearted.
  8. Don’t make assumptions.
  9. Be honest.
  10. Be respectful towards each other.
  11. Move together.
  12. Live your relationship in a private way, don’t share everything with others.
  13. Arguing is natural.
  14. Don’t make a federal case out of simple problems.
  15. Be nice to each other.
  16. Think twice before you say something while you are arguing.
  17. Care for your budget while you’re doing a plan.
  18. Make vital decisions together.
  19. Spend quality time together.
  20. Don’t be regretful, don’t think about past events. Solve your current problems and go on living.
  21. Go easy on complaining.
  22. Don’t cover your problems, try to solve them by talking.
  23. Try to choose the appropriate words, stay away from negativity.
  24. Wait for the exact time when you need to argue about something.
  25. Today’s powerful ladies, here is an advice for you. Sometimes –not always- listening what your husband says may help your relationship go allright.
  26. Share the control of the relationship.
  27. Do things before they are asked.
  28. Evaluate your relationship. Figure out whether it’s proceeding or not, and behave according to this information.
  29. Don’t abandon you own identity even though you two are a team.
  30. Make self-sacrifice.
  31. Spend some separate time.
  32. Always flirt with your spouse, it will keep your love alive and excited.
  33. Jealousy is like a poison, stay away from much of it.
  34. Be optimistic.
  35. Don’t flirt with others, it will em-poison your relationship.
  36. Love is not a victory game, you are a team.
  37. “I love you.” Always use these magical words.
  38. Don’t give up romance. Touch each other while you’re watching tv, join your hands. Stare at each other’s eyes sometimes and show your love with your eyes. Hug your spouse, laugh, enjoy your time together.
  39. Wear your ring. It will remind you of your first excited days.
  40. Don’t forget to thank to each other, both of you will feel better.
  41. Stay away from monotony. Stay alive, feed your soul and find some hobbies which will give you pleasant.
  42. Make little surprises.
  43. Use inculcatory sentences when needed. It will make your spouse feel safe.
  44. Find some activities that you can spend time together.
  45. Keep your sex life alive.
  46. Accept your faults.
  47. Sex doesn’t mean everything. Be receptive at times.
  48. If you have some problems about your sex life, you had better talk about them.
  49. Apologies.
  50. Remember the good times you had together.
  51. Celebrate every little event and be grateful.
  52. Care for birthdays.
  53. Hug each other and feel the strength of it.
  54. Don’t leave the house before kissing your spouse, even though you had an arguement.
  55. Meet each other at the door.
  56. Have your dinner at a table which is prepared meticulously.
  57. Pay each other compliments.
  58. Be happy in order to make your spouse happy.
  59. Be well-groomed all the time. You owe this to your spouse.
  60. Have some special time, especially if you have children.
  61. Be realistic, don’t be in big expectations. It’s normal to have some hard times.
  62. There can be times that you feel like you’re not in love like you did before. But it’s a temporary feeling, don’t exaggerate this.
  63. Everything changes. Be adapted.
  64. Marriage is a hard job, requires a great effort. Don’t give up!
  65. Accept your spouse’s friends. You always need friends.
  66. Spend more time with your spouse’s family instead of suspending. Be compatible.
  67. Respect your spuse’s job. When he/she has problems with the job, listen carefully and try to find solutions.
  68. Respect his/her field of interest and encourage.
  69. Be empathetic.
  70. Count till 10 before you scream out.
  71. Sometimes try to keep quiet.
  72. Don’t be cruel.
  73. Be propitious.
  74. Don’t abuse your spouse’s bona fides.
  75. Don’t put the blame on him/her. This is the easiest way but may cause the end of your relationship. Look at yourself first.
  76. Try to listen and understand.
  77. Ask each other’s opinions.
  78. Let your spouse enjoy his/her time.
  79. Don’t talk about past arguements.
  80. Pick out the good sides of each other.
  81. Be supporting.
  82. You’ll not always get what you want. Don’t forget this.
  83. After a tiring day prepare a peaceful area in your house. Light candles and turn the music up.
  84. Be incentive.
  85. Be debonaire.
  86. Be positive.
  87. Laugh at his/her jokes.
  88. Don’t miss your bona fides.
  89. Slap your spouse on the back.
  90. Make things easier.
  91. If you have children, organise some activities without them.
  92. Buy little presents.
  93. Don’t criticize each other.
  94. Men always talk less than women. Accept this reality.
  95. Don’t try to change your spouse.
  96. Don’t restrict each other.
  97. You’re a team, you’re partners. If your aim is being happy, move together.
  98. All the people have good and bad sides. You can turn it into an advantage. Find each other’s good sides and collaborate.
  99. If you have problems with your marriage, go to a specialist and get some help.