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Let the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach help your sleep

Zeo Personal Sleep CoachIf you are curious about how is your sleeping or having sleeping problem, then you can try Zeo Personal Sleep Coach (known as Zeo Sleep Monitor).Zeo Personal Sleep Coach lets you monitor your sleep with Zeo headband tracking your unique sleep patterns.

Most of people sleep less than necessary. National Sleep Foundation announced on March 1, 2009 that the number of people reporting sleep problems has increased 13% since 2001. Additionally, it was emphasized that twenty percent Americans sleep less than six hours a night.

{module 104}These statistics show us that many people are having trouble sleeping and need to care more their sleep system. Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is a great device for people who have sleep problems or want to know how they sleep at night. This useful tool allows you to discover your personal sleep patterns, track your sleep data online, and see how your lifestyle can affect sleep quality.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach includes a device to see the screen, a headband to send data wirelessly to the bedside Zeo display, which resembles an alarm clock and an SD memory card which allows you to send your sleep data to a web site provided by Zeo. You can upload your sleeping patterns via a supplied USB adapter to Zeo web site and see your personal data, analyze of your sleep and advices for you. It will offer you helpful information as to how you could attain better sleeping habits. This system is not only a sleep monitor, also it is a sleep coach. 

Zeo display shows you some information below:

* Your Sleep Graph:

Zeo sleep system summarizes your pattern of sleep phases with the data which is sent wirelessly by Zeo Headband.
* Your ZQ: Zeo creates a single score which helps you to gauge the quantity, quality, and depth of your sleep.
* Total Z:  It shows you how long you really sleep each night.
* Time to Z: It shows the time it took you to fall asleep.
* Total amount of REM, light & deep sleep.  
* Time you are awake and numbers of times you wake up.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach has everything you need for your personal sleep discovery. It retails for $249 and can be purchased at


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